Fusion Fund

VT Fusion Soccer is a 501-3c non-profit and we need your help. We have decided to launch the Fusion Fund to encompass under one umbrella all our fundraising needs. This supports our programming and more so our philosophy.

We believe that every kid should be able to play soccer, develop, have a great experience and be a part of team regardless of their ability to pay. Fusion has and will always stand behind this philosophy. In a current regional club setting where families are dealing with COVID, paying thousands of dollars, getting second jobs and cutting back so their kids can play, Fusion stands firm in offering the best for the lowest possible fee. This is something we are VERY proud of but cannot do it without your help.

We have identified areas of need and opportunity that create the foundation of who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go.

Foundation Blocks/Areas Of Need


This block is focused on providing fee relief for families that cannot afford to pay or for multiple children. We believe that everyone should be able to play and not only if they can pay. Many soccer clubs take on the approach of being a non-profit who turn to make a profit. At Fusion we are a true non-profit who puts kids, families and soccer first. We focus on that and not what our bank statement says at the end of the season. To be completely honest we always take a loss and the Green Mountain Challenge allows us break even. This being said we cannot depend on that as a “guarantee” every year as on average Fusion provides between $10-$15k a year in scholarships. We need you.


This block is focused on improving opportunities for our players and families. This area will provide access to summer camps, specialized trainings such as goal keeping, strength, injury/ACL prevention and other activities. These areas are usually reserved for clubs charging thousands a year but are great opportunities that we can offer with your help.

Next Steps

This block is focused on helping our older players take the next step in moving on to college. This includes college visits/ID’s, college planning/recruitment, placement test prep, application assistance, video completion and guidance every step of the way. This process is a critical one if players want to play in college and there is very little guidance out there for families. We believe this to be a priceless part of the Fusion experience and want to see our players go beyond high school.


This block is focused on the development of our organization to ensure we are continually offering the best experience for our players and families. We have many areas of need to address such as equipment, field maintenance/improvements, coach’s development/education, facility rental costs, administration and more. All of which offer a better experience for our players and families.