2023 GoalKeeping Academy

We are really excited to announce the continuing of our goalkeeping academy for boys and girls ages 13 and up. This is program is open to both current VT Fusion players and those outside the club. This academy is for serious players looking to excel in the area of goalkeeping both technically and tactically. The academy will be led by our goalkeeping director Kevin Moran and his staff of coaches.

  • This will be a 9 week program that will feature a total of 18 90-minute training sessions.
  • Trainings will be twice a week and begin the week of April 25th
  • Trainings will be on Wednesday and Friday from 5-6:30pm on the outdoor field at Riley Rink.
  • Our academy staff will focus on both technical and tactical development of the modern day goalkeeper.
  • Cost is $250 for non-Fusion players and $100 for current Fusion players.
Goal Keeping Academy